Elk Calf Born Inside Car After Collision In Sweden

A renowned Swedish skier found a newborn elk in his Volvo just hours after colliding with a pregnant elk.

Jesper Modin was driving home to Ostersund, in northern Sweden, when he went over a hill and was blinded by the sun; he only saw the elk when it was a few feet away standing in the middle of the road, The Local reported.

"It smashed into the windscreen and went tumbling over the roof," Modin said. "I was completely covered in glass and the elk's innards.”

The 25-year-old said that there was so much blood and guts he was convinced he had been seriously injured, but found only a small cut on his hand. However, the elk showed no signs of life.

A pick-up truck arrived to remove the wreckage and remove the body. That’s when Modin made a remarkable discovery.

"I was about to grab some things from my glove compartment when I opened the car door. To my surprise, there was a little elk laying there... alive," he recalls. "The umbilical cord was still attached. I was so shocked that I slammed the door again.”

"I thought, did I really see what I think I saw?" he says.

Modin hadn’t noticed the calf in the immediate aftermath of the crash, which he attributed in part to being in shock and in part to the car’s interior being so damaged.

When the mother elk collided with the car, her inside splattered into the car, including her unborn calf.

“People don't believe me when I tell them what happened, they think it's the weirdest thing they've ever heard. But I just show them my blog with the pictures," he says.


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