Elizabeth Warren: Trump Trolls People For Votes


In a heated attack over the federal minimum wage, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts accused Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of misleading American voters to gain their support.

“@RealDonaldTrump trolls for votes & wants working ppl to believe he’s for them. News flash, Donald: working ppl are smarter than you think,” Warren tweeted on May 19.

Warren’s attack on Trump was fueled by an article released by Politifact that found she did not lie earlier this month when she accused Trump of wanting to abolish the federal minimum wage.

"You care so much about struggling American workers, @RealDonaldTrump, that you want to abolish the federal minimum wage?" Warren tweeted on May 11.

"Goofy Elizabeth Warren lied when she says I want to abolish the Federal Minimum Wage. See media—asking for increase!" Trump tweeted in reply later that day.

Trump has made numerous statements about his policy on the federal minimum wage, which is currently $7.25 an hour. Democrats have called for an increase, and the GOP candidate has been unclear on his stance.

He recently said there should be an increase, but has caused confusion about he thinks it should be at the federal level. In multiple interviews he said states should decide on the minimum wage, leaving them to compete with other states and other countries.

He’s said that wages are too high in the U.S. and that an increase in the federal minimum wage is not needed. He's also flat out said "No" when asked whether there should be a federal floor for the minimum wage that states can raise.

Politifact found that Warren was not lying when she said Trump wants to abolish the minimum wage, but was assuming, based on statements he has made, that he wants to get rid of it.

​“@realDonaldTrump got destroyed on his min wage position. I was right when I called him out,” Warren tweeted on May 19 with a link to the Politifact article.

“@realDonaldTrump made clear he would abolish the federal minimum wage. One of a million reasons why working ppl can’t make him the boss,” Warren wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Warren then accused Trump of trolling for votes and misleading the American people.

Trump has so far not issued a response to Warren’s tweets.

Sources: PolitifactElizabeth Warren/Twitter, Donald J. Trump/Twitter / Photo credit: AFGE/Flickr

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