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Dog And Baby Elephant Become Best Buddies (Video)

After being abandoned by his herd, a sick baby elephant had nearly given up on life. Thankfully, after being rescued, he made a new friend to give him a reason to carry on (video below).

When Karen Trendler and the rest of the staff at South Africa's Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage found Ellie the elephant, he was critically ill and desperately needed medical attention. He had septicemia and an umbilical abscess, reports HeroViral.

In addition to his medical issues, Ellie was intolerant of milk, so the volunteers had to work extra hard to keep the elephant healthy. 

Finally, Ellie was back in good health, but was still lacking something -- a friend. The volunteers knew that for Ellie to be himself again, he would need a companion. That's when Duma the dog came to the rescue.

Duma and Ellie quickly hit it off and became friends. Every day, the two run around and play together and it is apparent to the volunteers how much the relationship has helped Ellie's mental health.

Watch a video about Ellie's story below:

Sources: HeroViralEarth Touch/YouTube / Photo credit: Earth Touch/YouTube via HeroViral

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