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Elementary School Teacher Facing Murder Charges For Drunken Crash (Video)

An Arizona elementary school teacher has been charged with murder for the drunk driving killing of another woman.

Erica Kristine Flynn, 33, of Chandler, Arizona, was arrested following the drunken crash that took the life of 66-year-old Kathleen Mae Searcy. Flynn, who had a blood alcohol level of over three times the legal limit at the time of the crash, hit Searcy’s vehicle as the older woman was making a left turn on a green arrow.

Flynn’s mug shot reveals injuries she sustained from a crash due to not wearing a seatbelt. As Flynn’s car slammed into Searcy’s, the 30-year-old elementary school teacher crashed head first into the windshield. Police say that Flynn’s car was going over 75 miles per hour at the time of impact and that she hadn’t touched the brakes as she slammed into Searcy’s car.

Flynn, a first year teacher, appeared in a wheelchair before a judge on charges of second-degree murder. The judge told her that she would be allowed to be at her home on a supervised basis and warned her that she is not allowed to touch alcohol or drive a vehicle while there during the court proceedings.

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Terry Locke, a spokesperson for the Chandler Unified School District, said in a statement that Flynn would not be returning to teach next semester.

Sources:AZ Family News, Arizona Daily Star, KPHO / Photo Source: KPHO


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