Elementary School Student Deemed Threat To School's Safety Because Of These Drawings (Pictures)

A family from Scottsdale, Arizona is un-enrolling their sons from Scottsdale Country Day school after the headmaster of the school threatened to expel one of the sons over what he called “highly disturbing drawings.”

The drawings, which the boy’s father says are Halloween costume ideas, are of a soldier, a ninja, and a generic star wars character. Each of the characters is holding either a gun or a knife. According to Scottsdale County Day School policies, drawings of weapons are grounds for expulsion.

Jeff, the father of the 8-year-old boy, spoke to Scottsdale news station KPHO this week.

"In this situation, it's actually the principal of the school who bullied the parents - so much that we couldn't even be safe in that environment," he said. "I think we really send our children the wrong message when we show that, as adults, we're so afraid of our shadow that an innocent picture - that any 8-year-old might've drawn - is cause for this kind of concern.”

Jeff and his wife met with the headmaster of the school. During the meeting, the headmaster showed parents excerpt from the boy’s journal that he deemed violent. One passage the headmaster pointed out involved the boy escaping a haunted house during a zombie attack.

“I’d open the window, but, stand back quickly. Booby-trapped. Shoot the gadget – a rope gun – I’d swing across without getting hit.”

Jeff pointed out to KPHO that many of his sons other journal entries were about saving the earth and protecting humanity.

Nevertheless, the headmaster told Jeff and his wife at the end of the meeting that the safety of other students was being compromised with his son around. The family pulled their sons out of the school, but that doesn’t mean they agree with the headmaster’s opinion that their son is a threat.

"I don't understand how somebody can say that about an 8-year-old that has no history of violence, no history of making threats - nothing at all," Jeff said.

Here are the three pictures that landed the eight-year-old in hot water. Take a look and let us know if you think the headmaster was right to be worried about the student or just overreacting.

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Sources: KPHO, Scottsdale County Day School


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