Elementary School Restrains First Grade Student With Special Needs By Handcuffing Him


A Georgia mom is outraged that her 6-year-old special-needs son was restrained with metal handcuffs for bad behavior in school.

Lakaisha Reid told Ktla.com that her husband received a phone call from Pine Ridge Elementary informing them that something was wrong with their son and they needed to come in.

By the time both parents got to the school, all they could hear was their son, Patrick, yelling and screaming as a school official explained the situation. They spotted bruises on their son’s wrists and were shocked when they found out why.

The school official explained that a resource officer put handcuffs on Patrick “for his own protection” and that he was exhibiting “self-destructive” and “disruptive” behavior.

Reid argued that handcuffing her child was excessive and unnecessary.

“He just ran away from school,” Reid told Ktla.com. “It does not require handcuffs for this. He’s a special-needs kid.”

The school believes it took appropriate action, saying that there is protocol but every situation is “unique.” In a statement to WXIA, the school said: “(Patrick) was acting in a disruptive manner and being self-destructive during school today. He ran out of school onto a busy, public street and was pursued by three school staff members.

“The student was secured and returned to school … for approximately one hour, the student was scratching, kicking, and hitting school personnel and continued to exhibit violent behavior, running into walls, banging his head on tables and placing his health at risk.”

Still, Reid does not believe that her child’s behavior warranted handcuffs.

“They need to have police officers that are trained for special-need kids or for any kids that are that age,” she added. “That’s pretty young for handcuffs already, you understand? Anything can happen with those handcuffs on him.”

Reid said that she had no plans of sending her son back to school on Monday.

Sources: KTLAWXIA / Photo Credit: Dekalb K12


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