Elementary School Janitor Offers Kids Money To Beat Up Fellow Student


A contracted janitor at a school in Michigan is out of a job after admitting to offering students money to beat up a fourth grader at the school.

The unnamed janitor, who was contracted to work at Grand Rapids Public Schools, was terminated on Monday after she offered two fourth-graders at Campus Elementary $1 to “rough up” a student who made disparaging remarks about her, a district spokesman said, according to MLive.com.

“It is absolutely unacceptable in any way, shape or form for an employee to behave in this manner,” Grand Rapids Public Schools spokesman John Helmholdt said. “There are consequences, and this individual learned quick the hard way.”

WOOD reports that the mother of the intended target said that her son did get roughed up.

"We're still investigating that. That's not something I've received a report on. That doesn't mean it did or didn't happen," Helmholdt said.

The woman worked for West Michigan Janitorial Service, a company that has provided contract workers to GRPS for over six years. She reportedly has a clean criminal record.

"I didn't believe it. Who would believe something like that?" the mother of the intended target said. She also said she’s looking for a lawyer and may sue.

Helmholdt couldn’t immediately confirm what remarks the student, also a fourth-grader, made about the employee, but they included a “curse word and unflattering comments.”

 MLive.com also reported that it was unclear as of Wednesday night whether the students offered the money had been disciplined by the district.

Grand Rapids police are looking at the case.

Sources: WOOD, MLive.com


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