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Elementary School Crossing Guard Accused Of Sitting On Job (Video)

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After noticing that the crossing guard near her children’s school never seemed to help children cross the busy intersection, Bakersfield, California mom Caidance Athena, with the help of her teenage son, took a video of the inactive guard and uploaded it to Facebook for all to see.

According to Athena, the guard had been neglecting to cross children since January. Instead of doing her job, the guard would sit while children crossed the busy intersection on their own.

“The other day was the last straw with me,” Athena said. “I saw a little boy, looked like he was maybe second, third grade, crossing the street by himself on his little bike to go to school.”

Since the video was uploaded on Tuesday, it has been viewed 85,000 times and shared over 2,000 times. Athena noted that she was surprised that the video had reached such a wide audience, but that the concern over children’s safety is obviously a widespread one.

“[You] see how far away from the light she is?” one Facebook user commented. “She could care less about her job.”

On Wednesday, Athena reported that the woman had been replaced, at least for the day.

J&J Special Services, the company contracted by Panama Buena Vista Union School District to hire crossing guards, noted on Wednesday that the guard had not been fired. The company went on to describe the crossing guard in question as an employee who had been with the company for a long time and claimed that she was “good” at her job.

Soures: Bakersfield Now, Turn to 23

Photo Credit: Bakersfield Now, Arlington County/Flickr


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