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Electronic Spoon Helps Those With Tremors Eat Easier

A new gadget might help the millions of people who deal with tremors to be able to eat out with comfort.

Liftware, an electronic spoon with built-in stabilization technology has been created by Anupam Pathak, who spent a lot of time working with local support groups to get a sense of what people with tremors needed most. Their request was reportedly a simple one: a spoon to give them freedom to eat out again. reports that Pathak was inspired to create the Liftware after studying the problem of canceling out human tremors in grad school. "It's a big problem for millions," Pathak said. "Even if you're not ill, as you get older, your hands start to shake, and there's not a lot that can be done about it except take certain drugs, all which only sometimes work and have a host of side effects."

Inside the Liftware handle are sensors that measure motion and if the motion has the frequency and amplitude of a large human tremor, the Liftware microprocessor tells actuators in the handle to adjust the handle's attachment in the opposite direction of the tremor, hopefully canceling it out.

The device doesn’t come cheap though at a cost of $299.95, but it could provide those with tremors the comfort they seek when eating.

 Pathak sees the spoon attachment as just the beginning.

"People with tremors have problems with everything from using tools, to unlocking doors, to putting makeup on," Pathak said. "The sky is the limit when it comes to the number of useful attachments we could release."

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