'Electric Boogie' Developer Leaves Secret Resignation Letter To Boss At The End Of The Game (Video)


A man’s letter of resignation from his job has gone viral for good reason, as he pretty much says everything that anyone with a terrible boss has ever wanted to say.

According to reports, an iPhone game designer decided he had had enough with his job and his boss, so instead of placing a letter of resignation on the higher-up’s desk, he decided to put the letter at the end of a game he helped design called Electric Boogie. The letter of resignation can reportedly only be accessed if the user gets 100 points on the final level, but the effort to see it is well worth it.

Brody –

Working for you is a living hell. You have your head so far up your ass, it’s no wonder your breath always smells like shit. Consider the cartoon animation and this letter, my resignation from you pathetic company. I quit.

–      D.B.G 05/11/14

A picture of the resignation letter has gone viral since one user apparently reached 100 points on the final level, and while the name of the game designer is unknown, his cleverness has to be admired.

Sources:Unilad, Metro UK


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