Electoral Map Predicts Blowout Win For Clinton


A website dedicated to predicting the Electoral College of the 2016 presidential election projects Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to have a landslide victory against GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Under the leadership of director Larry J. Sabato of University of Virginia's Center for Politics, the Crystal Ball predicts Clinton to win the November election by 347 electoral votes, while projecting Trump will garner 191 electoral votes.

The Crystal Ball does not measure where the popular vote stands the same way national polls do. Instead, it determines what candidate a state is likely to swing for and then tallies up the electoral votes. Based on electoral trends and state polling, the Crystal Ball predicts a Clinton blow-out.

As of Aug. 4, the website’s take on the electoral map projects Clinton to likely to take the swing states necessary to win in November. It designates the crucial states of Florida, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, Nevada and Pennsylvania to lean Democrat.

Trump appears to have no advantage in states that were not already firmly Republican in past elections.

Mapping out the electoral college does not spell trouble alone for the GOP nominee. Recent national polling indicates that if the election was held today, then Trump would lose the popular vote, as well.

Averaging the last eight election polls released since July 31, Real Clear Politics found Clinton leads Trump by an average of 5.8 percentage points. A Fox News poll released on Aug. 2 projected the Democratic nominee to be leading by a whopping 10 percentage points.

Trump’s poor showing in national surveys is occurring while the business mogul has suggested that the November election will be rigged against him.

On Aug. 1, Trump suggested the electoral process was going to be rigged against him come November.

“I’m telling you, November 8th, we’d better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged,” Trump told Fox News. “And I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us.”

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon took to Twitter to blast the GOP nominee for his comments.

“Even for a reflexive conspiracy theorist like Trump, this is pathetic,” Fallon tweeted on Aug. 2. “It’s dangerous, too."

Sources: University of Virginia Center for Politics, Fox News, Real Clear Politics, Brian Fallon/Twitter / Photo Credit: Neverbutterfly/Flickr

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