Terrorists & Guns: Campaign Issue in CA Senate Race

The Los Angeles Times reports that Terror Gap continues to come up in the race for U.S. Senate in California between incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer and challenger Carly Fiorina:

Five months after the subject arose in a primary debate, the federal no-fly list remains a key topic in the U.S. Senate race in California, if Monday is any indication.  Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer stood outside a private terminal at Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport…The election, Boxer said, “is a choice between someone who is working to keep our airlines safe and working to keep guns out the hands of terrorists, versus someone who believes that those on the suspected terrorist no-fly list should be able to buy a gun –- any gun.”

Meanwhile Fiornia continues to be confused about the no-fly list and terror watchlist, and maintain her position on Terror Gap that “if we permit anyone who is on that no-fly list to have their 2nd Amendment rights taken away from them, that’s a terrible problem.”

We here at the Brady Campaign think allowing dangerous people unfettered access to guns is the actual terrible problem.  Learn more about the Terror Gap and visit our elections page to see which candidates in your area support common sense gun laws.


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