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Election Volunteer Cuts Hands On Sign With Razor Blades (Photos)

An election volunteer trying to remove a Donald Trump sign illegally covering a sign for a polling station in Plano, Texas, cut his hands on razor blades stuck to the bottom of it.

The incident occurred at an early voting location on the campus of Collin College on Nov. 1, KTVT reported.

The poll manager asked a volunteer to remove the Trump sign because it violated a Texas law prohibiting candidate signs within 100 feet of a place of voting.

“It’s terrible we’ve become so polarized in our politics,” said Steve Spainhouer, Democratic chair in Collin County Precinct 122. “I think it’s deplorable it just shows how far we’ve come in politics where people want to be so mean, so hateful to try and injure somebody who’s probably got no political party persuasion one way or another and is just working at a poll.”

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Republican Party Executive Director in Collin County Neil Katz agreed.

“They were placed in front of a vote sign so someone would have to move it. It's obvious intent was for someone to get cut,” Katz told KDFW.

The college said it did not have any surveillance cameras in the area and it is therefore unclear who put up the sign with the blades attached.

The police have seized the sign but have yet to make any arrests in the incident.

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“It wasn't a prank as far as it looked to me it looks like something intentional to hurt somebody,” added Collin County Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet. “These things on the surface look one way, but you can’t jump to conclusions, which is why they need to be investigated thoroughly.”

The Nov. 1 incident is just one in an election campaign that has seen mounting reports of voter intimidation and threats.

Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Mississippi was burned and “vote Trump” slogans were spray-painted on the ruins on the evening of Nov. 1, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Concern is growing about potential violence on election day itself.

“The possibility of violence is very real,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Sources: KTVT, KDFW, The Sydney Morning Herald / Photo credit: KTVT via Daily Mail

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