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Elderly Women File Lawsuit Against TSA Screener Over Alleged Strip-Searches

Three elderly women have filed separate lawsuits against a screening agent from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), alleging that they were subjected to utterly humiliating strip searches due to suspicions about their medical devices.

It remains unclear why the specific screening agent in question felt that Linda Kallish, 69, Lenore Zimmerman, 75 and Ruth Sherman, 91, were suspicious, but it is possibly related to the three women’s medical devices.

According to the NY Daily News, Kallish had an insulin pump attached to the inner side of her thigh, Zimmerman was wearing a back brace and Sherman had a colostomy bag, all of which were allegedly looked at as being suspicious in nature.   

Amid the allegations of the humiliating strip searches, the TSA issued an apology about any misunderstandings that might have occurred, but they remain steadfast that no strip-search was ever conducted at Kennedy Airport.

“My mother was embarrassed and ridiculed and it’s probably still going on at the airport,” Ruth Sherman’s son said.

An interesting note is that the three lawsuits are not being levied against the TSA as a whole, but instead are directed at the specific screener who is accused of the humiliating tactics. In a sense, this gives cadence to the women’s stories, at least ruling out the option of simply wanting a large payday in the form of a settlement.

Source: NY Daily News Photo: Wikimedia 


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