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Elderly Woman Prevented From Using Bathroom, Wets Self

An elderly woman allegedly cried after urinating on herself in a KFC restaurant in Australia on Feb. 21 because the store's managers refused to let her use the bathroom.

The woman's caretaker took to Facebook to detail the incident and slam KFC for its bathroom policy, according to Kidspot. 

"SHAME SHAME SHAME on the [staff member] of KFC Bagot Road Darwin who refused one of my clients access to the staff toilet and then stood and watched as she wet herself in the middle of the restaurant," said the post, which has since been deleted.

"She cried because she had wet her dress," the caretaker continued. "I cried because this beautiful women had been treated with total disrespect and was robbed of her dignity."

The Facebook post was meant to draw attention to the way that senior citizens are often treated with disrespect.

"Wonder how he would have felt if it had been his mom," the caretaker said. "KFC has not heard the last of this. I'm so sick of our beautiful seniors being treated like second class citizens."

A spokeswoman from KFC Australia said it wants to speak to both the caretaker and the elderly woman so it can thoroughly investigate the allegations.

"We’re really sorry for any distress or embarrassment this customer experienced at our Darwin restaurant," said the spokeswoman. "We’d love to speak with the customer’s carer via our Customer Service Hotline so we can investigate this further."

This isn't the first time KFC has gotten in trouble over its bathroom policy. In March 2016, The Huffington Post reported that KFC fired an employee one hour after hiring her because she was a transgender woman.

Georgia Carter, 27, was offered a position at one of KFC's Virginia locations. However, management quickly rescinded the offer after noticing that her government-issued identification had Carter listed as male. 

"[The manager] was like, ‘My supervisor and I have a problem because on your license it says ‘male,’ but you’re...’ and I was like, ‘I’m transgender,’” Carter recounted.

Allegedly, the manager responded saying, "We can’t hire you because we don’t know which bathroom you can use."

KFC later tweeted that the manager in question was terminated and that Carter was again offered a position.

Sources: Kidspot, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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