Elderly Woman's American Flags Set On Fire


Authorities say the American flags of an elderly woman in Tennessee were set on fire twice in the week before Independence Day.

"I called my mom, she said 'someone burned daddy's flag.' It was my dad's flag," said the woman’s son, DeWayne K. Phillips, who is a veteran like his father, WVLT reports.

It is unclear whether it was a personal attack or individuals protesting against what the flag represents, WATE reports.

“Why, why her flag, I don’t understand why, it’s a 79-year-old woman she wouldn’t hurt a fly,” said Phillips. “We think it’s kids that possibly don’t know any better.”

The elderly lady’s house in Maryville wasn’t without flags for long.

"I posted on Facebook to a lot of friends asking to spread this," Phillips said, adding they also filed a police report.

Before long, word spread and American Legion Post 13 found out about the incident. Members proceeded to hang up more flags in front of the woman’s house.

"She's trying to fly the flag that her husband fought for, that her sons fought for," said Charlie Walton with the American Legion.

Soon, the new flags would be burned.

"They did it again ... I though oh my ... no ... come on," said Phillips. "This hurts, to some kids this may be funny to burn a flag, but this is ridiculous.”

Undeterred, the veterans group added more flags, making the total 20, with six more inside the house, just in case.

“We got to show that we can’t let that happen around here, or anywhere,” said Walton.

Phillips says they are now determined to keep adding more.

“We’re not going to stop. We’ll put up flags every day. If they burn them down, every day we’ll put up a new flag. Every day,” said Phillips.

Police are still looking for suspects.

Sources: WVLT,WATE / Photo credit: Flickr

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