Elderly Woman Tries to Fight Off Mugger, Threatens to Use Bat If Suspect Returns


An elderly woman in Portland, Oregon has a strong message for a thief that stole her purse: “Come back here (and) I'll use a baseball bat on you!”

Marge, 89, had just returned home from the grocery store when a woman in her 30s suddenly appeared in the driveway and attacked her. The woman dragged Marge down the driveway and tried to steal her purse, but Marge didn’t let up.

"It was mine," she said. "It was my possession. They didn't have the right to it."

Eventually, the thief was able to grab hold of the purse and immediately fled the scene, leaving Marge on the driveway with a black eye and scraped up legs. Marge was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries, but doctors say they were minor. Luckily, Marge was able to give police a clear description of the woman that robbed her.

"Come back here (and) I'll use a baseball bat on you,” threatened the elderly victim. “Or I'll use a cane I got over there with a steel head on it. You should be ashamed of yourself for what you've done to me and what you do to other people."

Portland police are on the lookout for the thief they describe as a white female in her 30s, last scene fleeing in the back of an orange 1970s station wagon.


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