Woman Pinned Under Car For 18 Hours Survives

Woman Pinned Under Car For 18 Hours Survives Promo Image

A 77-year-old woman is expected to recover after she was pinned under her car for more than 18 hours.

At around 3 p.m. on June 26, Shirley Coderre got out of her Ford Escape sport utility vehicle outside her home in upstate New York, when it rolled on top of her, said police, according to The Post Star.

She had thought that she put the car in park but might have accidentally put it in neutral instead, she told troopers. When it started rolling, she tried to jump back inside, but the open driver's door knocked her underneath.

Coderre had one leg fully pinned under the car and another partially pinned, resulting in serious injuries to her legs.

She lives alone in a home a little ways off the road, so the vehicle was not visible from the street, even though it shifted partially off of the twisted driveway.

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"A neighbor heard her yelling this morning and went to check on her," State Police Sgt. Luke Splittgerber said on June 27, according to The Post Star.

He said that Coderre "had been out there all night," even as temperatures hit the lower 50s amid intermittent rain.

"She had to survive a rainstorm; she survived the night; she was conscious and alert and breathing the entire time, which I found amazing," said Brian Brooks, the deputy chief of the Whitehall Fire Company, according to Spectrum News.

Patricia Gordon, the neighbor who likely saved Coderre's life, said that the woman's left leg was trapped in the wheel well, and her right leg was stuck in the car door -- and she was just a few feet away from her house.

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"I heard her yelling, but I thought she was yelling for her dog, but the more I listened and I listened really close, she was yelling 'help, help me, please help me,'" Gordon said.

The neighbor called for help at approximately 9:30 that morning, and local firefighters showed up shortly thereafter. They were able to move the car off of her, and a helicopter transported her to a hospital nearby.

"We had concerns of the car rolling over; we had concerns over the car's movement or shifting during extrication," explained Brooks. "So we had a crew stabilizing the car so we wouldn't cause further injury."

According to a hospital spokesman, she is recovering in the surgical intensive care unit, notes CBS News. However, Spectrum notes that the hospital has her listed as being in critical condition.

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