Elderly Woman Saved By Rottweilers

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An 80-year-old woman is safe after being saved by a pack of unlikely heroes.

The Mirror reported that the elderly woman had fallen in a field in Gloucestershire after getting off at the wrong bus stop.

Fifteen hours later, David Malt, who was walking his four pet Rottweilers with his nephew Jack, let the dogs off their leashes in the seemingly deserted field. He said he found Tillie, Billy, Gerrard and May sitting with the elderly woman and that one of the dogs was gently licking her.

Jack’s mother, Lana Martenovic, owns a Rottweiler from the same family of dogs. She said: “[The dogs] bounded over the field when they were let off the lead. My son said to his uncle, 'There's something over there.”

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The female dog refused to leave the elderly woman’s side until Jack and David came to see what the dogs were so interested in.

"The woman had been stuck there in the bushes all day, since about 10 o'clock that morning, but she didn't make a sound when the dogs found her.”

Martenovic is glad the dogs found the woman when they did. "If my son and brother-in-law hadn't have walked their dogs at that time, it might have been a very different outcome for the lady," she said. "I don't think she would have survived."

The elderly woman was treated at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital for exposure.

Source: Mirror / Image via Caronna/Wikimedia Commons


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