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Nebraska Police Search For Second Suspect In Robbery, Assault Of Elderly Woman (Video)

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Two robbers were caught on video (below) stealing from an elderly woman inside of a church and punching her in the face before running away.

In the video, two men are seen entering the church and coming up behind a woman reading a newsletter. One of the men quickly grabs the woman’s purse and flees.

As the woman begins to turn around, the second man swings back his arm and violently punches her in the side of the face, causing her to fall to the ground. He then runs away, leaving the woman on the ground. She appears to be in shock, covering her eye with her hand and struggling to get up off the floor.

The incident occurred at St. Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha, Nebraska, and reportedly took place on Sunday around 11 a.m., WOWT reports.

The victim in the video is a 72-year-old from Johnston, Iowa. 

“Of course it's shocking because we haven’t had anything like that here - at least not in 10 years,” Father Michael Gutgsell said.

“And so obviously we prayed for her the next two masses and the parishioners are now concerned. ‘Is it safe? Should I be in the church?’ And we tried to assure them this is a safe place and it was something completely out of the blue."

One of the suspects has reportedly been arrested, but the second suspect is still being sought by police.

The victim was hospitalized but according to her granddaughter, who spoke with WOWT on Tuesday, she is doing fine now.

Watch the shocking surveillance footage below.

Sources: LiveLeak, WOWT / Photo credit:


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