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Colorado Woman Does Something Amazing For Group Of Firefighters Visiting From Massachusetts

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Several firefighters were pleasantly surprised when an elderly woman paid for their dinner at Outback Steakhouse and left without a word.

The woman, known as Miss Dorothy, was sitting alone at her table on a Saturday night, according to the Gazette. She was quietly using an oxygen tank and had folded her walker under the table. Meanwhile, a group of firefighters who had just attended the 29th annual Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial were enjoying their dinner at another table in the Colorado restaurant.

The firefighters' waitress announced that the group’s meal had been paid for by Miss Dorothy: a nearly $150 bill.

Although one of the firefighters, Mark Byron, tried to find Miss Dorothy, she had left before he could thank her.

“For a little old lady she walks pretty fast,” Byron told the Gazette.

Byron noted that no one had ever showed him and his coworkers such an act of kindness. The group of firefighters had traveled to Colorado from Massachusetts for the memorial. 

Although Byron said he occasionally gets an offer from strangers to buy him a pastry or coffee, no one has ever bought an entire table’s meal before.

In order to thank Miss Dorothy, Byron has shared his story on social media.

“We want to give recognition for what the lady did for us and for what the city did for us,” Byron said.

The Outback waitress later told Byron that Miss Dorothy was a regular customer. In order to further thank the elderly woman, Byron handed $40 to the waitress to make sure the generous woman's next meal was paid for. 

Sources: The Gazette, Firehouse

Photo Credit: The Gazette, Mike Mozart/Flickr


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