81-Year-Old Leads Police On Low-Speed Chase (Video)

An elderly woman in Texas led police on a low-speed chase when she said she just wanted to get a cup of coffee (video).

Nancy Strader, 81, was pulled over by police on June 22, but decided to drive off after she became irritated at the stop, leading police on a brief chase, according to Munchies. The incident was caught on video.

"From what we have been told she had driven around in circles on N. Elm, going the wrong way," Officer Shane Kizer of the Denton Police told WFAA. "She continued to go the wrong direction."

When police stopped her in her 2015 Jeep, an officer said, "I just want to make sure you're OK," before asking her to unlock the vehicle.

"During their conversation of trying to get her to exit the vehicle or open the door, she starts to pull forward," Kizer said. "They warn her not to drive away. She stops briefly and then she takes off."

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"I can’t hear you ma'am," says the officer who stopped Strader. "Ma'am. Hey. Don't do it. Don't. Stop. Stop the car."

The chase that ensued did not exceed 25 miles per hour, and ended when police used knives to slash Strader's tires. When she refused to get out of the car, police had to shatter the glass to get her out.

"Why should I stop when I've done nothing?" explained Nancy in the bodycam video of the incident.

When asked why she didn't simply open the door for the officers, she said, "Why? It's my car. My life. My everything."

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"Yeah, but when you are driving the way you are, you're endangering other lives," responds the officer in the video.

Strader was not found to be intoxicated, and medics said that her condition appeared normal.

When police asked Strader why she would not answer their questions, she responded, "Because I hate to answer stupid questions."

"I was just out riding around," Strader said. "I thought, I'm going to go have me some coffee or a sandwich or something because I hadn't eaten all day. But I never got it."

The 81-year-old was charged for evading arrest, and her son got her out by posting $1,000 bail. Her family said they plan to take her to a doctor for an examination.

"She did get annoyed several times, but they were very careful to still show her courtesy throughout the whole traffic stop and the initial arrest," said Kizer.

Sources: WFAA, Munchies / Photo credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes/Flickr, Julius Schorzman/Wikimedia Commons, USB/Flickr

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