Elderly Woman Uses Secret Weapon Against Home Intruders


A pair of burglars in Hillsboro, Missouri, were shocked to find the elderly woman they were attempting to steal from was holding a gun at them when they broke in.

The 77-year-old woman reportedly heard a noise in her house, prompting her to grab her shotgun.

“She grabs the shotgun and goes back to where she hears a noise and finds two individuals inside one of her spare bedrooms,” detective Sgt. James Kauzler told KMOV.

When the suspects saw the woman’s gun, they proceeded to jump out of the bathroom window.

The woman’s neighbor, 87-year-old Doris Jackson, said criminals should be wary of going in the neighborhood again, as the victim isn’t the only one with a gun.

“How about a nine millimeter," Jackson said. "I wouldn’t have a shotgun, but I have some more besides that. I've got some guns..."

The burglars reportedly left behind their tools and a cellphone, which helped authorities identify a 28-year-old man as a person of interest. 

“Great job!" one reader commented on a Bearing Arms story about the 77-year-old woman's act of self defense. "Glad you're safe!"

“Go granny, go!” another added. 

Sources: Bearing Arms, KMOV / Photo credit: Bearing Arms 

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