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82-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Would-Be Rapist (Photo)

A California man has been arrested after assaulting and attempting to rape an 82-year-old woman.

The incident occurred on June 15 at around 9 p.m. Angel Joseph Garcia, 46, visited the victim at her home and asked for help with an unspecified problem, KABC reported.

Garcia, who is a registered sex offender, was an acquaintance of the woman. When he entered the home, he assaulted the woman and attempted to rape her.

"Once inside, he committed the assault against the elderly victim," Riverside Police Department Officer Ryan Railsback told NBC News.

But the 82-year-old woman was able to fight Garcia off and call police, investigators said. Garcia then fled the scene.

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When police arrived at the woman's home, they found her with visible injuries to her body and face. Detectives from the department’s Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit and METRO SWAT team found Garcia on June 19 and took him into custody, The Press-Enterprise reported.

Garcia has been charged with assault with the intent to commit rape. His bail was set at $1 million, and he will appear in court on June 22, according to online inmate records.

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Social media users were overwhelmingly disgusted with Garcia's actions.

"How embarrassing for him getting beat up by an 82 year old They need to throw the book at him," wrote one Facebook user. "I am in Riverside County and all of this stuff is getting to close to home. The problem is they keep letting these offenders out and the keep repeating the same crime knowing they are going to get a slap on the wrist and released."

"Sick people in this world. Just a few days ago in my town a man sexually assaulted a 70 year old woman in her own home," wrote another. "His bond was asked to set at 200,000 but was instead set at 15,000. It's disgusting and unreal. Im glad this woman was able to fight this sicko off!!!"

"Wow the lady was kind enough to let him in when he asked for help... no good deed goes unpunished," wrote another commenter.

"Hope she gave him those bruises on his face! What kind of person puts their hands on an elderly person?" commented another.

The investigation is still ongoing. Anyone with more information regarding the attack is asked to contact Detective Karla Beler at (951) 353-7125 or email kbeler @

Sources: KABCNBC, Press-Enterprise, ABC7/Facebook / Photo credit: Ariane Middel/Flickr, Riverside Police Department via NBC, Pixabay

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