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Elderly Woman Caught On Tape Stealing Samsung Galaxy Tablet At Panera Bread (Video)

An elderly woman was caught on video stealing a tablet computer from another customer who accidentally left it inside a Panera Bread, and police are looking for help in tracking her down.

Regina Sanchez of Windsor, Conn., a business owner, says she had just finished a meeting at the restaurant when she accidentally left the $500 Samsung Galaxy Tablet behind.

The incident happened at the Burlington Plaza Shopping Center in Massachusetts in September, but the video was uploaded to YouTube by local police a few days ago, The Inquisitr reports.

The suspect’s purse was reportedly a Vera Bradley, the same brand as the victim’s tablet cover, coincidentally.

The video shows an older couple at Panera Bread. A younger woman at their table points out the tablet on a window sill. The older woman then walks over and places it under the table before putting the tablet into her purse, WHDH reports.

“That looks like a grandma!” said Sanchez, who thought the suspect would be a teenager. “It’s despicable. She was good. She looked like a master thief. The hard part about this is I earned that tablet. I’m a single mom, trying to get on my feet. I can’t replace it.”

Sanchez had been working with the restaurant and police to get the video.

“Criminals just do stuff like that,” Burlington Police Lt. Glen Mills said. “It’s kind of natural for them to do things like that. We’re not like that. If you’re a good person you would feel bad and you’d be really nervous. For them it’s just kind of natural. Most of the people that we catch committing crimes are younger. It’s something most people grow out of as they get older. They usually know better when they get older.”


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