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Elderly White Lady Demands That Hispanic Woman Speak English (Video)

A video (below) of an elderly white woman yelling at a Hispanic woman to speak English is going viral on the web.

Carlos Steven Vasquez posted the video on July 31 on his Facebook page with the caption:

So today at IHOP a white lady stepped in and insulted my mother for speaking Spanish. She told my mom to learn English Or get out of mom does speak English with an accent though! I stepped in an didn't let her do that. Please share!! This will not stop unless we step in. Latinos tenemos que hablar contra el RACISMO!

In the video, the elderly woman refers to the Baez family as trash, Nazis and Castros.

Baez’s mother insists she is not trash.

The older lady yells at her to "go back to Spain," but the Hispanic mom fires back, “I speak English, not good, I speak English!" notes

"We speak in English in the United States!" the elderly woman tells Baez’s mom, who is near tears.

Later in the video, the elderly woman asks, "You want the Russians over here telling you what to do? You want the Nazis telling you what to do?"

However, Baez informs her, “That’s what you’re doing to my mom. You’re telling her what to do. She speaks English. She’s not perfect, but she speaks English. You can't do that.”

The elderly woman insists that "we" want English and freedom of speech in the U.S.

"Yeah, but you can't be telling anyone to speak English in America, you don't do that," Baez counters. "I don't tell you how to live here, and you live here this is America. We have the freedom to do what we want."

The elderly woman states, "Yes and we want English. We don’t want the Nazis back. We don’t want fascists back. We don’t want Castro back."

She goes on to say how Americans fought for their freedom.

Sources: Facebook, / Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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