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Elderly Veteran Arrested For Asking Officials To Speak Up At Board Meeting (Video)

A 76-year-old veteran was arrested after he asked the mayor of Greeneville, Tennessee to speak up during a recent board meeting.

Eddie Overholt was at an Industrial Development Board meeting at Greeneville Light and Power on Friday when he asked Mayor Alan Broyles to speak up during the meeting. Apparently, this wasn’t taken well, and Overholt was arrested and charged with disrupting the meeting.

Overholt was apparently there to oppose the building of a pipeline by a U.S. Nitrogen plant that would dump into the Nolichucky River.

"Eventually whatever they put in the river, we're going to get in our wells. Knowing it's a chemical company and a fertilizer company, we know what they put in the river," Overholt said.

While Mayor Broyles and the board members were talking, Overholt claims that nobody in the room could hear them, as they were speaking softly.

"The board met up at the front of the room at a big table, had us roped off, and they were talking so low nobody could hear," said Overholt, who claims that he and others that opposed the pipeline plan were under the impression that they would be allowed to speak at the meeting.

Overholt decided to yell out for Mayor Broyles and the other members of the board to speak up, but that didn’t sit well with officials, and he was arrested for disrupting the meeting. In addition to the disruption charges, Overholt was charged with resisting arrest and placed in jail on $2,000 bond. The 76-year-old veteran plans to fight the charges against him.

Sources: CNN iReport, WATE


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