Elderly Robbery Victim Shot at News Crew, Says Reporter (Video)


An 88-year-old man, who was the victim of a recent home invasion robbery, reportedly opened fire on a Detroit TV news crew yesterday.

On July 9, a woman reportedly knocked on the senior's door and when he opened it, two men rushed in. They reportedly shoved the man down, held a gun to his head, tied him up and wrapped a blanket around his face. The senior was robbed of $600, his cellphone and wallet.

According to USA Today, the man eventually freed himself, was able to charge a second cellphone and called for help the next day.

On Monday, a reporter and cameraman from WXYZ went to the 88-year-old man's house to try to get an interview (video below).

WXYZ reporter Jonathan Carlson identified himself to the elderly man, who was inside his home, but refused to come out.

Carlson continued to try to get an interview, but the senior apparently didn't want to talk.

When the man finally came to the door, he was holding a pistol. Carlson and his cameraman quickly retreated, but the elderly man allegedly came out on his porch with the gun and fired one shot in their direction.

Carlson and the cameraman ran behind a tree and called the police.

Detroit police officers arrived and argued with the man, who finally surrendered and was taken into custody, and then to a crisis center for a psychological evaluation.

Police did not find a gun, but think the senior may have hidden it.

Sources: USA TodayWXYZ


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