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Elderly Process Server Urinates In Mitch Zarsky's Driveway After He Avoids Legal Papers

No one likes to be served with legal papers but process servers, whose job it is to slap people with subpoenas and other unpleasant documents, have feelings too.

One elderly process server in Houston, Tex., took out her frustrations by leaving an unexpected surprise between two cars in the driveway of her target’s upscale home — and her little act of revenge was all recorded on surveillance video.

"It's like watching a train wreck," said Houston businessman Mitch Zarsky, the process server’s intended target. "I had to watch it over and over again and I just couldn't believe it."

The first time Zarksy encountered the woman, he was working in his yard. He says the server approached him and asked if he was Mitch Zarsky. He denied being who he was.

“I thought she was a sales person or something,” Zarsky told a Houston TV station.

The woman must have figured out his ruse because she returned. This time, Zarsky wasn’t home. The woman knocked on the door, looked in some windows, then walks down the driveway only to return and make her statement.

Between the two cars parked in front of Zarsky’s upscale home, the woman first sets down the papers she is carrying, then pulls her pants halfway down and urinates on what appear to be expensive stone tiles.

"She was exposed like 180 degrees,” Zarsky said. “She took one glance at the house, then dropped her trousers and let it rip.”

Though the woman appears to be in her mid-to-late 60s, Zarsky is sure this wasn’t a case of incontinence. He says a nearby construction site had portable toilets available and there are bushes nearby in case of an absolute emergency.

“It’s quite shocking to see someone that age, she appeared to be a nice grandmother type, do something like that,” he said. Zarsky is convinced the woman was leaving a deliberate message, signaling her frustration at being avoided.

But thanks to his home surveillance cameras, Zarsky had the last laugh. He has a message for the people attempting to serve him papers, which he says stems from a business dispute.

“Check out your YouTube video process server granny," Zarsky says. "You're now famous worldwide."

Watch the process server urination video for yourself, below. A screen capture of the process server relieving herself is above at right.

SOURCES: CBS 11 News, KHOU News, YouTube


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