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Elderly Panhandler Caught Driving Brand New Car, Man's Reaction Goes Viral (Video)

An Oklahoma City panhandler was busted when two people seemingly caught her driving a brand new car near the spot where she is usually seen begging for money. Now, video of one man’s reaction has gone viral.

The clip shows an angry man confront the 78-year-old woman who, according to reports, frequents the same intersection to beg for money on a daily basis. Brandi Newman, the woman behind the camera, says that she recognized the elderly woman just before the man in the video confronted her.

“I gave the lady in this video money the other day on Penn and 140th because she was holding a sign that said 78 year old widow needs money for food,” Newman wrote in her video description on Facebook. “So today I pull up to the Shell on that same corner and see her sitting in a cute little Fiat. As I'm sitting there thinking ‘I got scammed by a little old lady’, a man approached her car......and this is what happened next.”

The man in the video is Daniel Ayala, and when he notices who the woman behind the wheel is, he immediately loses it.

“Listen, I work hard for my money,” Ayala yells at the panhandler. “That’s why people like you take advantage of people like me. This is bullshit.”

Ayala, who is clearly upset, threatens to bust the woman’s window in, and while many people think he went too far with that threat, Newman says she didn’t take it seriously.

“Of course, it’s not right to bash somebody’s windshield in,” said Newman to KFOR. “I didn’t think he was going to do that for a minute. He’s just trying to prove a point that you don’t come here again, don’t do this again, quit scamming people.”

“I gave that lady over $15 in five days,” said Ayala. “$15 could make me enough to come to work for gas. For her to just take my money like that…”

Reports say that the elderly panhandler’s family contacted Newman once the video went viral and informed her that she has a panhandling permit. They also told Newman that the 78-year-old wasn’t “doing anything illegal” and that they were not happy with the video.

Sources: The Blaze, KFOR


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