Ohio Man Arrested For Threatening To Chop Off Daughter's Head With A Sword


Elderly Ohio man Charles Duecaster was arrested Sunday, after he allegedly threatened to chop his daughter’s head off with a sword when the two got into a dispute over the television set.

Duecaster had accused his daughter, Allison Whitaker, of letting her boyfriend steal the TV set from his home. During their spat, the 74-year-old reportedly reached for a sword and held it towards his daughter. Duecaster threatened to cut her head off with the “long sword,” but Whitaker managed to delay any further action and called police.

To date, there is no indication that Duecaster suffers from mental illness.

After the police were called, Duecaster allegedly fled with the sword in hand and was eventually arrested. He is currently being held at the Mahong County Jail.

The sword Duecaster was accused of wielding has yet to be found.

According to police, the event will be treated as a domestic violence case.

Sources: Inquisitir, WJMJ


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