Elderly Mother Fatally Shoots Drunk Son After He Tries to Shoot Her

An 86-year-old Florida woman shot and killed her son after he became violently drunk and shot her. William Pennypacker, 64, attacked his mother, Nancy Pennpacker, on Friday night in her Lakeland home. He punched her in the face and eventually pulled a gun on her.

William shot Nancy in the fingers, and the bullet travelled up her arm and into her right shoulder. Nancy, who was also armed at that point, fired one shot back at him, killing him.

A Polk County Sheriff’s deputy heard the shots around 10:30 p.m., while patrolling the area. He saw Nancy run out of her home screaming. William was found dead inside.

Nancy said her son suffered from depression and threatened to harm himself before.

Sue Robbins, a long time friend and neighbor of Nancy’s, told Bay News 9 that the attack did not surprise her.

“We expected it for a long time. It would get pretty bad. She would have bruises all over her arms. She’s had black eyes,” Robbins said.

William was arrested for battery in 2011 and aggravated assault in 2012. Both times the victim was his mother. Larry McCrann, another neighbor, said William’s always got off because his mother failed to press charges.

“He was arrested … taken to the Polk County Jail, booked in and his mother wouldn’t press charges so he was released.”

Authorities do not expect criminal charges to be filed.

“Unfortunately and sadly enough, they’re not surprised that this happened and with his demise, the living on pins and needles about it is over with. They feel relief,” he said.

Nancy was taken to an area hospital and is reportedly in stable condition.

Sources: Guns.com, Gainesville Sun


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