Elderly Marine Veterans Walk 300 Miles To Ask Obama To Have Former Marine Freed From Mexican Prison (Video)


In an attempt to get President Barack Obama’s attention, two Marine Corps veterans are currently walking 300 miles to Washington D.C. in order to deliver a verbal message about freeing Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

Both veterans, Lance Cpl. Terry Sharpe and Allen Brown, began their trek from Virginia.

“I want to tell the president to make that call, I’m bringing a phone to him,” Sharpe said. “[Tahmooressi] shouldn’t be there … He served his country and he should come home.”

Tahmooressi has been locked in a Mexican prison for months. According to the sergeant, he made a wrong turn at a border checkpoint and was arrested for having several firearms in his vehicle, a severe offense in Mexico.

Sharpe noted that he'll ask Obama to tell Mexican officials to release Tahmooressi.

Sharpe and Brown are about 100 miles from the White House and should arrive next week, according to a message Sharpe relayed to Fox News’ “On the Record” on Wednesday.

Sources: The Blaze, Fox News


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