Philadelphia Man Shoots Two Men He Says Assaulted Him


An unidentified 65-year-old man drew a handgun and allegedly shot two men, ages 21 and 20, on March 2 in Philadelphia. 

One of the men reportedly asked “What are you looking at?” and the shooter replied, “What are you looking at?” before one of the younger men threw him to the ground and assaulted him, the Philly Voice reported. The older man pulled out a .45-caliber gun, which police say he had a valid permit for, and shot them both.

The 21-year-old was shot in the shoulder and the 20-year-old was shot in the stomach and were listed in stable condition at a local hospital. The 65-year-old man was taken to a hospital for treatment for injuries to his head and face.

The shooter’s attorney, Kenneth Young, told WPVI his client has lived in the neighborhood for the last 40 years. "They attacked him. They attacked his wife. He begged them to stop," Young said.

"He and his wife pulled away. They kept on coming. He explained he had a firearm. They said, 'We don't care.' They punched him in the face. The whole side of his his face is blown up. His wife's being hit. He asked them to leave, he begged them to stop. And he discharged his firearm.”

No charges have been filed against the shooter, who police say acted in self-defense, and Young says his client is fortunate to be alive. "This was life or death," he said. "If he didn't do what he did and have training to do it, I think we would be at his funeral right now.”

The District Attorney's Office is still considering the case.

Sources: Philly Voice, WPVI / Photo credit: Rob Barrett Photography/Flickr

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