These Officers Went The Extra Mile To Help An Old Man

Police officers in Kansas City, Missouri, captured hearts nationwide for helping an elderly man keep an important medical appointment on March 17.

Large crowds attending the Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day parade blocked Arthur Darrow, 84, from driving to his weekly dialysis appointment for his kidney problems, WDAF reported. 

“It was just frustrating. I was trying to get over to 3947 Broadway, and it was blocked and I couldn't get through,” Darrow said.

Meanwhile, police officers Michael Vulje, Phil Travis, and Aaron Kohs noticed the visibly distressed man while directing traffic and spoke to him.

“I get extremely tired, I get worn out very, very fast, I don't have a lot of energy anymore,” Darrow explained to the police officers.

That’s when Vulje told Darrow,  “we'll find a way to get you there,” and told him to park his car at a certain location where they’d watch it.

“We then had Captain Daniel Gates and Captain Roy True come over in a four-wheel drive vehicle, and transport him over to the dialysis center,” said Officer Vulje.

“I think that all of us kind of looked at him like we would our own fathers, you know, we'd hope that somebody would go the extra mile to help them out,” added Vulje.

Gates then took Darrow to his appointment.

"He goes, 'if you give me your phone number, I’ll call you, or you call me, and I’ll come by and pick you up and take you back to your car,'" Darrow said. “But did better than that, he came back into the dialysis, walked in there, and says 'if you give me your keys I’ll go get your car and bring it right to you.'"

Darrow expressed his gratitude to the police officers, explaining his health would have suffered if it weren’t for their acts that day.

“That was really outstanding. The both of them were really extremely outstanding,” Darrow said.

So impressed was Darrow, he made sure to call the department afterwards to personally thank its members.

“Arthur said every officer he talked to was very nice to him and went out of their way to help him. We're not surprised, but we sure appreciate the phone call letting us know about it!,” the Kansas City Missouri Police Department wrote on its Facebook page.

Sources: WDAF, Kansas City Missouri Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: AutoEvolution.com

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