Elderly Man Sends Robbers Running After Emerging With Handgun


Two would-be robbers in Florida likely thought they’d picked an easy target when they decided to rob the home of 68-year-old Thomas Ostermann. But when Ostermann emerged moments later with a handgun in tow, they were sent running.

WKMG reports that the crow bar-wielding intruders fled immediately when they saw Ostermann’s gun.

“They both fled. One of them ended up in my pool and I tried to keep him. He broke loose, I got his shirt,” Ostermann told a 911 dispatcher after the attempted robbery. “The one that got away — I don’t know whether he dropped it or not — had a crowbar.”

Police say a shirtless man seen at a CVS shortly after could have been one of the thieves on Ostermann’s property. Officials say the man is not officially a suspect, though, and they just want to talk with him.

Ostermann’s neighbor Danny White thinks the burglars targeted the house because it sits near a now-abandoned country club.

"This guy's pretty secluded back here and I see he has bars on his windows. And they brought a crowbar, makes sense they brought a crowbar to get into the bars because who carries around a crowbar?" White wondered out loud. "Kinda scary, but definitely keep an eye on things and spread the word around the neighborhood, let people know what's going on. Make sure this doesn't happen again. Hopefully the guys get caught."

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Sources: WKMG, The Blaze


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