Elderly Man Says He Shot Paralyzed Wife Because Was 'Begging to Die' (Video)


William Dresser, 88, claims that he shot his paralyzed wife Frances Dresser, 86, because she no longer wanted to live.

According to police, Dresser entered the Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center in Carson City, Nev. with a .22-caliber pistol and four bullets on Jan 19.

He reportedly entered his wife's room, shot her in the chest, but then his gun jammed.

State Department of Corrections officers, who happened to be nearby, and hospital security rushed to the room before Dresser could get fix his gun and get off another shot, reported the Associated Press.

His wife died days later at the Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nev. from complications because of the gunshot, notes My News 4 (video below).

Dressler's wife had originally been admitted to the hospital after suffering a fall, which left her paralyzed.

“She was paralyzed from the neck down and very uncomfortable without much of a future, so I just helped her along,” Dresser told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

“She had a fall, and paramedics came and got her and took her to the hospital, and therapists worked on her,” added Dresser. “We had a meeting with the staff and therapists, and there wasn’t anything to be done and she was to be paralyzed the rest of her life.”

“The fact [is] that she had no future and was miserable and begging to die,” stated Dressler.

He was charged with open murder (first-degree murder to manslaughter), but released last Friday on a $225,000 bond.

Sources: Associated Press, My News 4, Reno Gazette-Journal


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