Elderly Robs Bank With Hope Of Being Caught And Sent To Prison


74-year-old career criminal Walter Unbehaun is about to return to the place he calls home: prison.

Unbehaun, who has spent the majority of his adult life behind bars, robbed a bank recently for the sole purpose of being caught and sent back to prison.

On February 9, 2013, Unbehaun walked into a bank and demanded the teller hand over money. He flashed a revolver on his waist but told the teller “I don’t want to hurt you.” After scoring roughly $4,000, Unbehaun went to a nearby motel parking lot and waited to be arrested. Police were puzzled by his apparent joy at being detained.

McLeese’s nonchalant attitude about returning to prison confused his lawyer too.

"His first words were, 'I just want to go home," Ubehaun’s attorney Richard McLeese recalled.

At first, McLeese thought Unbehaun was hoping to receive bond. Moments later he realized his client was referring to prison.

Prosecutor Sharon Fairley spoke on the strange case in court earlier this week.

"Did the system fail Mr. Unbehaun? Or was his inability to stay out of jail the result of his own free will?" she asked. "We may never know. But what we do know, clearly, is Mr. Unbehaun lacks the desire to lead a law-abiding life outside of prison walls."

During a hearing, Unbehaun even requested the specific prison he wished to be sent to, citing the benefits and work programs at his desired facility.

"It's sad," Judge Sharon Coleman said, "to have a defendant who knows the facilities and knows which ones to go to."

McLeese echoed Coleman’s sentiments.

"It is, without a doubt, one of the saddest and most disturbing cases I've dealt with," he said. 

Sources: CTV News, CBS


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