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Elderly Man Openly Carries Assault Rifle, Curses at Police (Video)

Police in Kalamazoo, Mich., released a dash cam video today of a bizarre standoff from May 4.

The video (below) shows an elderly man, Joseph Houseman, carrying his rifle down a street, which prompts several people to call 911.

The first 911 caller says he saw a "caucasian man with white hair and pajama pants walking with what looks like and AK-47."

According to Michigan law, you can carry a gun, but cannot brandish it. reports Sgt. Sean Gordon was the first officer to approach Houseman and said, "Hey partner, how you doing? Can you set that down real quick and talk to me?"

The two then get into a now-very familiar debate about carrying a weapon in public and scaring people.

"Look, you crossed the street illegally," said Sgt. Gordon. "I just want to talk to you. I just want to talk to you. You're walking around here scaring people, man."

At one point, Houseman gave his name as "Joe Schmoe."

Houseman resisted arrest, shouted about open carry rights and revolution, and claimed the cops were gang members.

According to, the elderly gun owner grabbed his crotch, and told police officers, “Why don’t you f----- shoot me?”

After a 40-minute encounter, a SWAT team negotiator coerced the angry, pajama-wearing senior to give up his weapon, which was returned to him the next day.

“After reviewing the report, the detectives felt the officer was right in taking the gun for safe keeping for that time because of the response they got back from the gentlemen who was walking down the street actually carrying the gun and moving it from shoulder to shoulder, but it wasn’t enough to present to the prosecutor’s office,” said KDPS Assistant Chief Donald Webster.

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