Caregivers Allegedly Left Elderly Man Alone During Irma

Caregivers Allegedly Left Elderly Man Alone During Irma Promo Image

Two Florida caregivers have been charged with neglecting their elderly patient during Hurricane Irma after the man was found naked and covered in his own feces.

Farren Webb, 31, and her mother Traci Waggoner, 54, were charged Nov. 17 with neglect of an elderly or disabled adult with great harm, according to WGHP.

Following Hurricane Irma, a friend of the victim decided to check in on him after noticing she had not seen his caretaker's car in the driveway for a while.

She entered the home to find the 91-year-old man lying on his living room floor, completely naked and covered in his own feces and urine. He was too weak to speak and the friend saw there was little food in the house.

The house had not been cleaned or repaired for some time. Urine, feces and used dishes covered the floor. There was water damage in the ceiling and moldy water in the sink.

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The friend immediately contacted Webb, who said she and her mother have been in Indiana since before Hurricane Irma hit. She had not made other arrangements regarding the victim's care, leaving him to fend for himself for seven days before he was found.

Webb and Waggoner are paid $400 to $500 a week to look after the victim, who has both physical and mental disabilities. While they do not stay with him full time, they frequently visit the victim's house to assist him with walking, bathing, transportation, cooking, cleaning and monitoring his medication intake.

While Waggoner said she made two or three attempts to contact emergency services before the storm hit, phone records show that no such calls were made. According to the police report, Waggoner and Webb had an obligation to find a replacement caregiver as they knew the victim needed assistance to survive.

The victim was hospitalized with severe dehydration and malnourishment. Doctors believe the elderly man was lying on the floor for six or seven days, and remained there throughout the hurricane.

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The hurricane hit Florida's elderly hard, as the storm knocked out many of the services residents depended on to survive, according to The Associated Press.

In one Florida nursing home, 13 patients died after the storm cut off power of the central air conditioner.

The nursing home was under investigation for neglect, and the staff said they did everything they could to restore air conditioning services. Staff members waited days before evacuating the elderly patients to a nearby hospital. By that time, several patients had died from the excessive heat.

Sources: WGHP, AP via US News & World Report / Featured Image: John Carkeet/Flickr / Embedded Images: WGHP

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