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Elderly Man in Ferguson Attacked With His Oxygen Tank and Carjacked During Protests

An elderly Ferguson man was reportedly attacked with his own oxygen tank and carjacked on the first night of protests that took place in the city after a grand jury ruled not to indict officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting Michael Brown.

Footage emerged Wednesday showing the elderly man being run over in the parking lot of Faraci Pizza Monday after two people reportedly stole his car, reports the Daily Mail. The victim, who relies on an oxygen tank to breathe, had reportedly returned to his car to refill his tank when two men allegedly attacked him. As they attempted to steal his car, the man reportedly held onto the steering wheel and was run over as the suspects quickly drove away.

Medics arrived at the scene and rushed the man to the hospital.

A third night of protests took place Wednesday in Ferguson, but because of the cold weather and snow, fewer people participated in them. Approximately 100 people reportedly marched through a major intersection and blocked traffic outside of the Ferguson Police Department last night. Two people were arrested Wednesday night in Ferguson and three were detained at a demonstration in St. Louis that took place earlier that day, reports USA Today.

Police in St. Louis County say they are still searching for a stolen AR-15 rifle that was reportedly taken from a police car that was set on fire Monday night.

“Rioters yanked out the high-powered police rifle and the rack in which it was stored,” said Sgt. Brian Schellman.

Elsewhere, smaller protests continued to take place in other cities including Atlanta, Portland, Los Angeles -- where more than 200 people reportedly gathered outside the federal courthouse -- and New York City, where protesters marched in Harlem.

Sources: Daily Mail, USA Today/Photo Credit: CBS12


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