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Elderly Couple Receives Rude Note, Community Helps Out

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A local community stepped up to help an elderly couple who reportedly received a rude, anonymous note from a neighbor.

In Murray, Utah, an impolite letter written to an elderly couple has caused a bit of outrage in the local community, KTSU reports.

"At first I was really mad," Sheryn Shaw told the news station of the letter her parents received. " ... It took me hours to simmer down.”

The letter, which was stamped and postmarked to the home of 80-year-old Deloy Shaw, read: "Please paint your garage door! We as neighbors are embarrassed by you!!"

The chipping and stripping of the family’s garage is reportedly the result of almost eight decades without upkeep.

"This garage was built by my father back in 1950," Deloy explained. "He used an aluminum paint on there as a primer. So, it soaked the wood real good."

Deloy said he has tried to take care of the garage himself, but he has various health conditions that make such manual labor impossible.

"I think I can do it, but when I go out to do it, it's not that easy," he said. He reportedly suffers from a bad knee, heart problems and visual neuropathy.

Sheryn asked the neighbors if they knew who had written the note. Not only did no one claim responsibility for the letter, but many of them said they had received similar notes as well.

On the KSTU Facebook page, numerous commenters were appalled at the letter and the lack of consideration shown towards the elderly couple.

"How sad," Amber Johnson Williams wrote. "They could have sent a letter saying 'If you need help with painting your garage, please call me, I would be happy to help.' People can be so cruel."

"As a neighbor, they should be embarrassed they had no idea a elderly couple lived in their neighborhood!" Jaryn T. Lester wrote. "Pay attention people and help the elderly!"

" ... [I]f you don't have the guts to approach your neighbors when you know full well they are elderly and could use help, [you're] gutless," Stacie Parker wrote. "SHAME ON YOU."

Fortunately, after Sheryn posted a photo of the letter and the family garage on her Facebook profile, residents throughout the community stopped by to lend a hand, KTSU notes.

"I think we could probably paint a thousand houses just because so many people have stepped up willing to help," Sheryn said.

Sources: KSTU, KSTU/Facebook / Photo Credit: KSTU

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