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Elderly Man Convicted Of Murdering Two Neighbors Over Dog Waste

A 76-year-old Dallas man was convicted of capital murder on Thursday in the shooting deaths of his two neighbors.

Chung Kim was feuding with his upstairs neighbors Michelle Jackson, 31, and her boyfriend Jamie Stafford, 31. Kim claims the couple allowed their dog to relieve himself on the balcony of their apartment, causing feces and urine to drip down on his balcony when they would wash it.

A jury found Chung guilty of fatally shooting Jackson as she stood out on her balcony in December 2012, and then running upstairs to her residence to shot and kill Stafford.

After his arrest, Kim said he shot the Stafford out of self-defense and could remember shooting Jackson because he blacked out.

Kim is facing a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Sources: Houston Chronicle, MSN News


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