Man Faces Murder Charges After Shoving A Sandwich Down His Nursing Home Roommate's Throat


A Mississippi man was charged with killing his 83-year-old nursing home roommate by shoving a sandwich wrapped in a cellophane bag down his throat, police claimed.

Jerrell Eubanks, 63, allegedly murdered William Park at Hillcrest Nursing Home in Magee on Tuesday, according to WJTV.

Eubanks was arrested and charged with second-degree murder on Wednesday, according to the Mississippi Attorney General's Office.

It is unclear what sparked the violent attack.

Eubanks bail was set at $100,000 on Thursday. If convicted, he faces life in prison.

“Cooped up in a place like that, you know, it’s just – I don’t know what he was going through,” Magee resident Kenny Ray Teasley told WJTV.

“Apparently they didn’t have him on the right kind of medication or something,” another resident, Nellie Weaver, said. “For somebody to go crazy like that – shove a sandwich down somebody’s throat. That’s just unbelievable.”

Sources: New York Daily News, WJTV

Image: Wikipedia


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