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Old Japanese Lady Beats Teen Who Refuses to Give Up Bus Seat

If you're sitting on a train or a bus and an older woman gets on, you really should give up your seat.  Everyone knows that.

So when 66-year-old Tamiko Masuta of Nagasaki, Japan, got on a bus last week, naturally she expected someone to give up their seat for her. First she asked an 18-year-old teenage boy, whose name wasn't released.  But he refused . . . even though he was taking up one of two seats that are specifically designated for senior citizens.

And that's when Tamiko decided to BEAT THE HELL out of him.  (Doesn't do much for her argument that she's a frail old woman, but whatever.)

She started kicking him, hitting him, and smacking him with her umbrella.  The police had to come and break up the fight.

Tamiko was arrested and the teenager had to go to the hospital with a broken nose.

Normally, the police give older people some leeway but this was Tamiko's SECOND time assaulting someone on the bus.  The last time she just got a warning.



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