Elderly Homeowner Shoots Burglars, One Is Dead At The Scene


A 77-year-old homeowner says he defended himself against two burglars who broke into his home, and now, police confirm that one of the alleged home invaders is dead.

Local 10 reports one of the two burglars was pronounced dead at the scene in Miami-Dade County, Florida, while the other, a 25-year-old man, was airlifted to a local hospital. The homeowner was reportedly in the shower when he heard strange noises. When he went out to investigate, he came face to face with the two suspects.

Police say the man immediately opened fire on the suspects, and as a result, one of the two was killed and the other was injured.

Others in the neighborhood heard the shots, and Charles Gonzalez told WPLG his young son was home alone next door when it happened. The boy frantically called him to tell him what was happening, and the father rushed back home.

“He's locked in the house with the alarm on and said, 'Dad, there's police everywhere, cars everywhere,' so I took it upon myself to shoot over here,” Gonzalez recalled.

Neighbors told a Local 10 reporter the neighborhood has recently seen a number of robberies, and one neighbor applauded the elderly man for defending himself.

“I think he's 100 percent correct," the neighbor said. "They went to burglarize his house. And it's not the first time he was burglarized."

Online commenters seemed to agree, with person saying on Facebook, “I bet you one of them learned the lesson of respecting other people's property. He will sure enough not do it again!”

Sources: Local 10, WPLG on Facebook

Photo Sources: WPLG on Facebook, Pixabay


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