Elderly Hampshire Woman Installs Driveway Behind Lamppost

Kathleen Annals, an elderly Andover woman, installed a driveway in front of her detached home in Hampshire just days after a streetlight was installed in front of her house, blocking the driveway entrance.

Annals arranged for the driveway to be paved because she frequently hosts friends and family who don’t have room to park on the street.

The contractor who installed Annals’ driveway promised to petition the city council to remove the lamppost, but first installed the driveway and left the request to her.

“I have done it the wrong way around.” She said, “I had the driveway laid after the lamppost was put there.”

Annals said passersby constantly take pictures of her home.

The Hampshire County Council said they were relieved that Annals admitted to her driveway being laid after the streetlight was installed, and that she would be willing to pay the bill for its removal.

"We will ensure that the works to provide a dropped curb and to relocate the streetlight are coordinated to keep costs and any inconvenience to a minimum,” A city council spokesperson said.

Annals will be charged between $900 and $1800 for the dropped curb and lamp removal. 

Sources: BBC, The Sun


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