11-Year-Old Golden Retriever Saves Family From Home Intruder


A normally tame 11-year-old golden retriever named Sadie saved her family from a home intruder by taking him down after he broke into their house Tuesday morning in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Sarah Powers, who was alone at the time of the intrusion, told WXYZ she had never seen Sadie act the way she did that day. 

"When I came out of the bathroom there was a man standing there and he is physically punching my dog but she would not back down at all," Powers said. "She was lunging out. Her teeth were showing, she was growling, then she was barking but her front legs were always on him."

The suspect has been identified as John David Shook, who police say has warrants out for his arrest in several communities.

"He uses heroin and other things," said Daniel Grant, Wyandotte's police chief. "He's been around. We've had him for breaking and entering. He just got out of jail within the last couple weeks. He was in the county jail for quite some time." 

In January, a 12-year-old golden retriever named Emma -- who has also been described as sweet and docile -- trapped a burglar who had broken into her family's home in Spring, Texas, by blocking him from descending the staircase, KHOU reported. The suspect, a known felon who had committed past burglaries, was caught and arrested. 

Sources: WXYZ, KHOU

Photo Credit: Scripps Media via WXYZ


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