Police Search For Burglars Who Were Possibly Shot By 71-Year-Old Woman (Video)

Authorities were still searching Tuesday for two home burglary suspects who might have been wounded by a 71-year-old Georgia woman who shot at them when she discovered them in her home early Monday morning. 

Police say the woman, whose name has not been released, fired at the intruders after she had already been shot herself. Police say she sustained three gunshot wounds, including one in the stomach.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the woman was asleep in her Forsyth County home around 10:30 a.m. Monday when she heard noises, grabbed a gun, and got out of bed to investigate. 

Sherif’s deputy Doug Rainwater told the Forsyth County News there was “no doubt in his mind” that intruders fired first at the woman when she likely surprised them by being in the house. She then returned fire. 

“Most burglars don’t carry guns to their crimes, so this is very unusual,” Rainwater told the Journal-Constitution.“They probably knocked on the door to see if somebody was home and she is sound asleep. Next thing she knows she hears all the noise in the house and she gets up to investigate and she is confronted.”

The suspects, who were identified only as a black man and woman, were last seen driving away from the scene but no description of a getaway vehicle was given. 

Rainwater said investigators weren’t sure if the suspects were wounded in the brief shootout. 

“We are trying to determine what happened in the gunfight and whether all the blood is hers,” Rainwater said. “She was shot three times, but she returned fire with her own gun. She fired several shots, but we don’t know if one of them was hit.”

Rainwater said there had been two other burglaries in the neighborhood that morning and hoped that neighbors might have seen something that could lead police to the suspects. But, he added, there was no reason to believe the suspects were still in the area. 

The woman was last reported to be recovering at a nearby hospital after having undergone surgery Monday. 

The Forsyth County News reported Tuesday the woman was shot twice, not three times as originally indicated by Rainwater.

Sources: Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionForsyth County News

Photo Credit: WSB News, Jim Dean/Forsyth County News


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