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Elderly Gang Members Arrested for Selling Cannon, Guns to Undercover Police Officers

Elderly members of three biker gangs were arrested on Tuesday for selling undercover officers a cannon, 41 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Eight members of the Forbidden Ones, Dirty Ones and Trouble Makers were charged with firearms trafficking this week, after a two year investigation, reports the NY Daily News.

The three gangs allegedly sold numerous weapons out of tattoo parlors in Brooklyn and Queens.

Four of the elderly thugs were too ill to make their arraignment in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Scott Brannigan, 61, complained of high blood pressure, Frank Miranda, 50, and Samuel Moya, 44, needed detox and Jose Perez, 49, needed treatment for sleep apnea, reports the NY Daily News.

Members of the Forbidden Ones earned “bangout patches" as a badge of honor for assaulting NYPD cops, according to court papers.

Last year, five police officers were hurt by gang members who attacked them with brass knuckles, knives and a baseball bat.


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